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Play Line Game

How to play Line game (a lovely Red Game!): On the first screen, choose between mouse or keyboard, then, select a level.
Use the arrow keys, or mouse, to navigate the line to the green circle at the end of the path,
Be careful not to hit the walls, or any obstacles.

About the Line Game

The line game offered by arcade panic is similar to the line games of the past. But it appears far more interesting and is difficult to.

The game goes as follows. You have a red line under your control. It looks very much like a small worm that can move at good speeds at almost all directions.
Then there is a black back ground path for the worm to move. The player can control the speed and the direction in which the line could move.
The hook is that the line shouldn't go out of its desired path. There will be many obstacles along the path of the line such as some fat moving objects and one has to move the line through the path without being hit by the obstacles.

In the beginning it is difficult to have a control over the speed and the direction of the line but when you play two or three times you get used to the movement of the line.
The path in which the line has to move is in a circular way and this increases the level of difficulty for the person playing the game. As the person moves through the various curved paths the obstacles increase their presence. They also get bigger and more dangerous.
The problem is that when you get hit at any point of the path you have to start from the initial stage.

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