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Play Red Dragon

How to play this Red game: Use the mouse to navigate your dragon around the screen, press 1-6 to select a weapon, and left mouse click to shoot.
Press space to activate the spike bombs (number 6) after they've been fired.
Ice and fireball cannot be shot down, they can be deflected from the dragon's body tough.

Overview of Red Dragon

Red dragon flash game is based on the mythical animal the dragon, and the mythological characters who want to destroy it.
In this game the game player plays the role of the mythical Chinese creature the dragon.
The dragon as expected breathes fire and uses it as the attacking option against its enemies.
The enemies of the dragon are people who want to hunt it. They are placed on a flying ship and these ships have cannons which fire on the dragon.
They fire some fire balls on the dragon. Then there are some creatures that fly and fire ice balls towards the dragon. Then there are also some warriors who travel on small flying creatures and try to attack he dragons.
There are also some creatures that fire some sharp substances towards the dragon. These are the enemies of the dragon that is the player and he has to fight these guys to win the game.

The fight between the dragon and the enemies occurs in the sky and the beautiful thing about this is the background. The designers have placed a full moon as the back ground and it is very interesting.
It brings you a feel of a real fight over the sky. It also gives you a cold feel.
The dragon has life bar and it is displayed on the left corner of the screen and each of the attackers has a life level for it and it is displayed on its top or bottom.
The dragon could be moved using your mouse. and can fire the fire balls using a left mouse click.
The game is made more interesting by the new creatures that attack the dragon as we move up the levels.
Note that every creatures is affected differently from different weapons, for example, It's best to hit the flying ship with the fire bullets.

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