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Red Game

Welcome to, Our site is all about Red Games, strange but true, we just love them!
How to play the below Red game: use the mouse to aim and left mouse click to shoot, use spacebar to use the cannon and p to pause the game.
Don't let the falling asteroids hit your turret.

Introduction to Red Game

The game's concept is quite simple, but yet refreshing and cool, The goal of the game is as follows. You have a turret in the form of an igloo and then here are huge stones that are falling down from the skies.
Your aim is to deflect these stones from falling on the turret.
For this you are provided with a gun that keeps shooting out bullets to deflect the stones (as long you're clicking the left mouse button), This is the main concept of the game.

As per the name of the game an intensive red background is provided for the game, while the background won't hit you on the face, it allows you to play the game with a lot of intensity.
The igloo i.e. the turret that is designed in this game looks very real.
The asteroids fall from the sky at different speeds and at different angles, after some time, the wind starts to blow, and the asteroids are starting to fall in non linear paths.
also, your bullets will be affected by the wind, and it will be harder to aim and hit the stones.

The gun provided for shielding the base is also very effective, The thing that stands out with the gun is the accuracy and the speed at which it fires to deflect the stones.
When you aim the mouse pointer to the stone it is sure to be deflected because of the speed and accuracy of the gun, at later stages, you will need more bullets tp divert the targets tough.
As the levels go up the speed of the falling stones increases, the wind starts to blow, and the game becomes harder and harder.

Through the game, you can collect few power-ups - T - to build an extra turret, S - will give you an extra shield (very useful), and a rocket will give you limited amount of stroger bullets.
One tip we can give you - you don't have to completely move the falling asteroids from the screen, it's okay to let them fall on the ground, as long they don't hit the turret.
When the game ends, you will get statistics on how long you survived.

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